This is Our Best Pick of the Best Places to Ziplining in California

Ziplining in California is like any other ziplining activity around the world. This activity involves suspended cable in high tension. The cable is mostly made out of strong material such as stainless steel. The cable is mounted on two highly elevated places. People are going through the declined cable by taking advantage of the gravity pull. There are several places in California that you can visit for ziplining activity. What makes ziplining in this state awesome is the beautiful scenery that you can enjoy during the ziplining.

Top Places to do Ziplining in California

Catalane Zip Line Eco Tour

Ziplining in CaliforniaCatalane Zip Line Eco Tour is one of the best places to do thrilling activity of ziplining. As the name suggest, this place is located at Catalina Island, Avalon. This place is highly recommended for those of you who like to go across zip lines in high speed. The best part about this ziplining facility is that you can do it on 91 meters above sea level. When doing the ziplining, you will be able to see the ocean horizon from height.

Tahoe Treetop Adventure Park

ziplining tahoe treetop adventure parkIf you like to see beautiful scenery of the forest while doing the ziplining, Tahoe Treetop Adventure Park is the best option that you can get. This tourist attraction is located at Tahoe City. Since it made out into our list, it means that it is recommended places for ziplining in California. It overs numerous zip lines, platform, and bridges. The activities on this aerial park are good for team building. Professional instructors and guides are provided to help the visitors.

Margarita Adventure

The next place recommended for ziplining in California is Margarita Adventure. It is located at Santa Margarita. When it comes for aerial parks, most of them are located far from the main city. Therefore, visitors have trouble to access the park. Unlike any other aerial park, Margarita adventure provides regular shuttle on nearby cities. Aside from providing shuttle service, it also has several zip lines that you can try as well. Due to the beautiful scenery, the place is often used as the best photo shot location.

Redwood Canopy Tours

One of the tallest trees in the world is Redwood Tree. Imagine you do ziplining from such tree. If you are interested in doing so, you can come to Redwood Canopy Tours. This place is located at Mount Hermon, California. Aside from ziplining from this place during the day, you can also cross the bridge at night. The bridge is illuminated with small lamps to guide you on the darkness. It should come as no surprise that this aerial park is recommended as good place for ziplining in California with family.

Descanso Beach Club

Descanso Beach Club ZipliningDescanso Beach Club is another ziplining site located at Avalon. This place is famous due to the beautiful beach scenery. Moreover, you can overlook the canyons located nearby the site as well. As the last site for ziplining in California, it is offered at affordable price.