Tiger Mountain Trail Map and Guides

The Tiger Mountain Trail Map is a map that shows the passing trail through the Tiger Mountain but it isn’t a direct route to any location. In this map, the wanderer will show the route to pass through this mountain with its various points. According to the map, the overall distance from the northern end to the southern end of TMT is about 7.5 miles. But on the trail map, the overall forest wandering distance is 15 miles. The trail map takes you to hike through deciduous and mixed forests and past various areas with century old logging. It also passes through the forest wildflowers in season. This trail is an old trail so you will notice some rustic signs along the way like Ruth’s Cove, Manning Reach and Joe’s Hollow.

Tiger Mountain Trail Map Points


  1. You start from the trailhead of Tiger Mountain Trail Map and continue along the grade of former Imerson and Woods railroad. It takes you to a quieter walk with some traffic sounds being heard from the nearby Highway 18. You will also see the beautiful trillium blooming in early Spring
  2. In the first 4.5 miles, the trail is shared with the trail riders. There are some traverse and narrows along the way. The map takes you to continue to the east to reach the powerline.
  3. Another 1.2 miles takes you to hike around the east side where you can hear the sound of the Holder Creek below. Then, the trail gets widened and ends on logging road which looks like the old forest road. Then, Tiger Mountain Trail Map requires you to take sharp left turn at the Zeig’s Zag.
  4. Continue to follow the oil railroad grade to pass through the forested areas around north and west sides of the Karl’s Peak. Then, the trail map takes you through the mature forest again
  5. After passing the forested north, west and south sides of the Middle Tiger Mountain, you will arrive at the Paul’s Cove that displays beautiful pink mimulus flowering.
  6. Then, reach Custer’s Bridge which is approximate mid-point, a remote spot that can be easily in various post in Tiger Mountain Trail Map
  7. Continue on climbing on the TMT and crossing Fifteen Mile RR Grade. You will pass the adorned Lone Rock
  8. Take another mile to pass the Wally’s Glen and cross the Hopping Bridge. There is small seasonal stream too as you do your hike
  9. Go right uphill to pass the Larry’s Crossing and Hidden Forest intersection before you reach the West Tiger #1 Summit which is as high as 2.948 feet.
  10. Then, continue to One View Trail junction that takes you to the High School Trail.
  11. The next 1.4 miles is the trail that crosses the Many Creeks Valley head
  12. From the Many Creeks Valley head, there are more other points to pass such as Pete’s Pass, K3 Junction, Fred’s Corner, Ruth’s Cove and Cable Route

Overall, the hiking points along the Tiger Mountain Trail Map are very interesting. There are even particular points for children anytime you take your kids along with you.