This is The Best Time to Visit Antelope Canyon

Are you looking for the answer of what is the best time to visit Antelope Canyon? Well, I have the answer for you. Read this article until the end to find out the answer as well I have a little tips for you. Happy traveling.

Antelope Canyon is a famous tourist attraction in Northwest of America. To be exact, this beautiful canyon is located on Navajo Land a few miles from Page, Arizona. If you haven't learned about Antelope Canyon, this canyon is a beautiful place to visit if you are traveling to Arizona.

Depending on your style of traveling, you might want to consider the best time to visit Antelope Canyon. For example, if you are a professional photographer then you need to make sure the place is not too crowded because it will ruin your shoot.

If you are just like most people wanting to see the canyon without worrying how crowded the Antelope Canyon is, then you have more flexible schedule.

So, what is the best time to visit Antelope Canyon?

Best time to visit Antelope Canyon

In short, There's no bad time to go. This is a good news for those who in a tight schedule. As long as the weather is nice, you can visit Antelope Canyon almost anytime during the year.

If you come here to hunt an amazing photograph, the best time to come here is mid days during spring and summer. During that time, the weather is really nice and the sun shine is gorgeous.

With a gorgeous sun shine, you will get the chance to photograph a beam of light in Upper Antelope Canyon. This kind of photograph will blow everyone's mind. It is very rare to have the chance of photographing a beam of light.

If you plan to go here with your family or friends for sightseeing, a guided tour is available. You can explore Antelope Canyon exclusively through guided tours. You don't want to get lost on this huge canyon, aren't you?

Keep in mind that with a guided tour, you will spent 90 minutes to explore Antelope Canyon​. Bring enough water with you because it is very hot out there to avoid dehidration.

​Avoid coming to Antelope Canyon at this time

Antelope Canyon Beam of Light

Beautiful Beam of Light in Antelope Canyon

Although I stated above that you can visit this place any time during the year, there are times when you need to think if you want to go here. This tips work well if you don't like too much people at the same time in the same place.

Late June is the peak level of crowds. You will find it is difficult to enjoy the view with a lot of people around you. So, avoid coming to Antelope Canyon in late June. Especially if you are a photographer. Also, winter is not a good time to visit this place as the view isn't too amazing at winter. Our suggestions is to go snowboarding to other snowboarding trail like the famous Jay Peak Trail.

Check out our famous trail guide here or continue reading this article.

Wear something light and able to dry fast for your clothes. Walking around Antelope Canyon is a good light activity and at the same ​you can enjoy the amazing imagery.

Entrance to Lower Antelope Canyon

Entrance to Lower Antelope Canyon

Another tips, this Antelope Canyon separated into two main course. The Upper Antelope Canyon and Lower Antelope Canyon. People usually choose Upper Antelope Canyon rather that the lower part of the canyon. It is because the lower canyon is physically challenging and will not suit for all tourists.

The fact that most people explore the upper canyon rather than lower canyon, you can try something like exploring the lower canyon first and then upper canyon to complete your day. You must be strongly fit for this.

So, that all my tips on choosing the best time to visit Antelope Canyon. This place is gorgeous, if you happen to go to Page, Arizona then Antelope Canyon should be on your travel checklist.