Snowbird Trail Map and Guides

Snowbird is a famous destination in Utah. The location is in Wasatch Range as a part of Rocky Mountain. This area belongs to Salt Lake County. To know more about the geographic of this area, you will need a map. People always looking for a Snowbird trail map before they begin their hiking. You can get this map in this article and hopefully you can plan your hike better. The Snowbird trail was opened in 1971. Although Snowbird is ski and snowboarding area, hiking and mountain biking are good options to enjoy this place.

More about Snowbird Trail Map

Mountain biking

Trail for biking is about 7.5 miles. There are two ways to enjoy biking, from the top then go down or cycling to the top. You need to use Tram to reach the top place then go down. In this case, it is better to check your bike properly due to difficult trail. On contrary, another trail to the top is quite easy. Several requirements are needed to do biking in Snowbird. The trails are for adults, so kids under eighteen have to be accompanied with parents or guardian. People with limited ability might not recommended doing biking, unless safety measure is properly inspected. Therefore, Snowbird trail map shows the reason for that procedure.

snowbird trail map and guideOne of biking trails is Peruvian Gulch. It is dual trails for biker. You can go to the top then back again. The trail is 5.4 miles and the status of trail is important before using. Lower gad valley is another trail with distance of 3.7 miles. It has elevation loss and gains for 660 feet. It might be a little bit subtle trail for moderate biking

Use your bike to enjoy the trail in snowbird area. From Snowbird trail map, you will find some trails for biking. There are some conditions for this activity. Biking requires mountain bike and stamina. In harsh weather, the area is closed to prevent accident or injury. If you want to visit, make sure the weather is very friendly.


Snowbird trail map will be very useful if you are planing to hike. There are some ways to reach top area in Snowbird. Just start from the starting point in Snowbird center then go alongside Wasatch Mountains. The trail is moderate and suitable for most of mountain climber. You will enjoy this trail with beautiful scenery. Outdoor activity is the key of Snowbird area.

Good news about this place is that it’s supportive for visitors. If you are a beginner, you don’t need to worry. In Saturday there are guides that will teach you all the basics knowledge about hiking. Certain trails are accessible for wheelchair. The trip is about one mile through nature from Snowbird Plaza to observation deck. In this place, people can enjoy Gad valley. Hiking is available for adult and children, even person with disability. Before hiking, some preparations are needed. Children have to be with their parents or guardian because they are still under protection. The track or trail is easy, but parents or experience climbers are required. Another preparation is weather status. Hiking is for summer activity and you need to contact Snowbird center to know the recent condition.

Snow Bird trail map for hiking is not very difficult. As mentioned above, Snowbird is popular resort in winter for skiing. To let people reach the top area, there should be easy way to prevent unnecessary effort.