All You Need to Know about Tahoe Treetop Adventure Park

The first time you heard about Tahoe Treetop Adventure Park, you probably imagine an adventure in the woods. It does have something to do with adventure in nature. The place is highly recommended to do several activities that will strengthen the bonds between coworkers and family members. If you and your friend are interested in nature adventure, this adventure park is worth your time.

I love nature and I like being in nature. The smell of fresh air and the green trees surroinding the ares. This is a perfect getaway for you who live in California. This park is family friendly, they offer a lot of things to do and applies for almost all ages above 5+. You can take your kids here to enjoy their facilities or you can try it yourself if you want to get some fun.

If you love challenge, then this park is a perfect choice for your holiday. Aerial Adventure Park, that’s what people often said about Tahoe Treetop Adventure Park. In this article, we are going to give you a deep insight of the park, what it offers and also some tips from us to enjoy your time when visiting the park.

This park voted #1 Tahoe Activity on TripAdvisor. We all know that TripAdvisor choice will never let you down.

Here is the list of What Tahoe Treetop Adventure Park has to Offer:

Team Building Activities

Tahoe Treerop Adventure Park Team building activityNature is the best place that you can go when it comes to exciting team building activities. Most team building activities that you can do on this place is related to rope courses. Rope courses provided by the place are divided into two classes. Aside from the class for the beginner, there is also a class for intermediate participants. The courses involve up to eight aerial bridges and seven zip lines. Crossing the bridge and going through the zip lines are not only challenging but also good for team building.

There are also other challenging things on this park that I am sure you want to try. The Monkey courses is the most popular among the visitor because it is very fun and family friendly. However, there is a Flying Squirel zone for your kids. There is a restriction that only kids with the age of 5+ can join the adventure.

Flying Squirel Courses

Talking about Flying Squirel courses, it is divided into three different path. You will walk on various bridges, and taste a little bit of adrenaline with zip lines. The length of each courses probably about 300 feet long.

What are the three different courses if you choose Flying Squirrel Courses?

Flying Squirel Courses originally designed for children. It is easy and fun. We will discuss the courses for adults later on this article. Basically, the Flying Squirel Courses have three main course, Green, Blue, and Black Course.

Green Course

If you are familiar with the rating system for ski, then this also applies on this park. Green course mean that this is the easiest from the other. You will be ‘playing’ approximately 8-10 ft above the ground. Although it is not too high, but this course is very fun.

Blue Course

Moving to the next one is the Blue Course. An intermediate level for kids. Similar with Green Course, you  need to pass 8 different obstacles but two of them are zip lines! Yaay. If you never try zip lining before, then this course is perfect for you to introduce the basics and how fun it is to do zip lining.

Black Course

The last course is the Black Course. Specially designed for kids and beginning adults. In details, this Black Course have 3 zip lines and two bridges. The best thing about this course is the height is 40 feet above ground. This is where we like the Black Course so much. With 3 zip lines to try, it is perfect for your kids. And the length of the 3 zip lines is almost 1000 feet in totals.

Monkey Courses

This courses specifically designed for adult. There is a rule that everyine must pass. You need to be 4’8″ or 56 inches or 143 cm tall and maximum weight is 260 lbs. If you don’t meet this requirement then you might want to check out the Flying Squirel Courses above.

That rules also applies when you visit an amusement park, the reason behind that is for your safety. At Tahoe Treetop Park, they always make sure that everyone having fun while not worrying about your safety because their team is a very professional people.

While doing this courses, you need to pay attention to your Smart Belay (claws), this claws act as your safety and you need to switch it repeatedly when moving from one obstacles to another.

What adventures waiting ahead of you?

Fuzzy Bunny Course

This one will be your first course. As you can expect, this is the easiest among other course. You need to do one zip line before going to the next course, the next one will be more challenging though.

Snowboard Course

If you’ve been on this park before, this one might be familiar. The name was changed, previously Bike Ride. Among all visitors, they said that this Snowboard course is the most fun and exciting.

Twins Course

After you are done with Snowboard course, time to move to Twins course. This is also very fun and challenging. You will do 4 zip lining with the total length is about 500 ft and also walking on a 120 feet length suspension bridge. If you are wondering why they call this “Twin course”, it is because you will walk across a twin cedars trees. The tree’s age itself told to be more than 500 years old.

Spiral Course

This course is all about zip line. You will start with a zip line and also finish with a zip line. That’s why they call it spiral, because you start and finish with zip line.

Windchimes Course

And this one is the ultimate challenging course on this park. There are 9 different activities across this course. You will do two 100 ft zip lines and also the longer zip lines with 300 ft lenght. I am sure that this one will be challenging.

Fabulous Scenery

Tahoe Treetop Adventure Park viewWhen you come to Tahoe Treetop Adventure Park, the first thing you will see is the lush and green forest. The adventure park is not only located in the center of magnificent scenery but also surrounded by beautiful landscape. This tourist object is situated on the hillside. From the site, you will be able to see the gorgeous scenery of Shirley Canyon. The peaks of Squaw Valley are also visible from the aerial platform as well. The natural beauty of this park is unparalleled by any other places.

During your activity in Tahoe Treetop Adventure Park, you will not only getting the ruch of sweat and challenging things. The scenery across the area is astonishing. Since this park is an Aerial Park, you can see everything from above while doing all your activities.

Excellent Facility

tahoe treetop adventure park facilityFor those of you who often go for an adventure to tourist objects, the facility provided by the place will be your top priority. The Tahoe Treetop Adventure Park provides support facility to maintain the convenience of the visitors. The best part about its excellent facility is the safety. The courses offered by the management are not only for adults but also for kids as well. With the excellent safety feature they provide, you do not have to be worried about your and your kids’ safety.

The facility is world class. This park often used as a wedding place because the area is so fresh, green and natural. People often come here for a wedding. The park itself offer a wedding packages if you want your wedding ceremony will be held here.

Beside of that, the park has all facility if you want to held a meeting or conferences. The ballroom is huge and very well maintenanced. With 24,500 sq ft indoor/outdoor space, includes 3 sacious decks with a total of 10,800 sq ft. In addition, the room is equipped with remote-controlled audi visual equipment and of course a high speed wireless internet.

You don’t have to worry about the meal, you will get three delicious meals each day and also the park includes a cocktail hour. The last things is the pool, hot tub, sauna and spa are also available there.

Guide and Trainer Service

Tahoe treetop adventure serviceTahoe Treetop Adventure Park will facilitate visitors who want to know the place better. You can hire a tour guide to show you what the place has to offer. For those of you who come for team building activity, the trainers will be more than glad to help your group to go to each bridge and platform. Keep in mind that all guides and trainers provided are professionals.

As the #1 Tahoe Activity voted by TripAdvisor and 478+ positive reviews, Tahoe Treetop Adventure Park surely is an astonoshing achievement.

Best time to visit Tahoe Treetop Adventure Park

This park opens only on Saturdays and Sundays. Aside from those days, they also open during the holiday as well. Depending on what season you come to this place, you will probably have a different experience. Tahoe Treetop Adventure Park gives three sessions in a day. Each of those seasons lasts for 2.5 hours.

They are eventually open in any weather conditions whether it is rain, snow, or shine. Only when a special conditon occurs the park will be closed for any activity such as fire or lightning. But it is only temporary because the park will be operating normally when the weather return to normal. If you are looking for safe nature adventure, it is the best place that you can visit.

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