All You Need to Know about Millennium Park Grand Rapids

If you happen to go across Michigan, you need to come to Millennium Park Grand Rapids. This national park is surrounded by four cities at once. Aside from Grand Rapids, other cities located around the park are including Grandville, Wyoming, and Walker. If you compare this park to City Central Park in New York, the size of this tourist attraction is twice bigger. The place was once called as Johnson Park. Under the direction of Roger Sabine, the park is expanded into what you can see now. Being a popular and convenience location, it has many things to offers to its visitors.

The Reasons why You Should Visit Millennium Park Grand Rapids

Shelter Rentals for Group Activity

Millennium Park Grand RapidsIf you require a convenience place for picnic shelter or group activity, you can rental the shelter provided by the park. They provide up to two rented shelters. Each of those shelters is able to accommodate up to 140 people. The first shelter is close to the volleyball court, while the second shelter is close to the beach entrance. Both of them feature spacious playground area. Aside from two main shelters, they also have smaller shelter for family activity.

Spacious Beach and Splashpad

Millenium Park Grand Rapids Beach

The main attraction of Millennium Park Grand Rapids is none other than its spacious beach and splashpad. The size of this white sand beach is up to six acre. The pace is good for picnic. For this activity, the park provides various food stands selling hot food and other delicious foods. If you want to swim or playing volleyball in the beach, you can take advantage of the changing room. The changing room comes with lockers as well. For those of you who come with your kid, you can go to the splashpad. It features splashers, buckets, and sprayers.

Various Sports Venue

Millenium Park Grand Rapids volleyballWhen it comes for sport, park is the best place that allows you to enjoy nature beauty while keeping your body fit. Millennium Park Grand Rapids provides several sports venue. The beach volleyball is available in the beach area. Meanwhile, regular volleyball courts are located next to the shelter rentals and parking lot. If you prefer playing basketball, you should head to the Northeast section of the park. The best part of this park is the winter activity. During the winter, the park becomes the best place for cross country skiing.

Fred Meijer Millennium Trail

Fred Meijer Millennium TrailSince lush trees surround this park, you can enjoy the fresh air and green forest by going through the trail. Fred Meijer Millennium Trail is the famous trail on Millennium Park Grand Rapids. The trail stretch over 18 miles away. The trail network on this park is good for cycling or foot traffic. A motorized vehicle is prohibited to use the trail. Only maintenance staff and patrol are allowed to use the motorized vehicle on the trail.

Aside from those features, you can also take advantage of other facility provided by Millennium Park Grand Rapids. Boating center, fishing dock, and other facilities are provided by the park for you to enjoy.