How to Go from Naples to Amalfi Coast

Naples is one of capital cities in Italy. It is rated at third place after Rome and Milan, but fourth after Turin for commerce contribution. Naples played important role in history. Majority of building were destroyed during world war. However, you can see several existing building with old touch.  Amalfi Coast is famous tourist destination and you can go from Naples to Amalfi coast. Both areas are in costal line, so several transportations are ready to carry tourists. Amalfi relies on beach and coast as the main attractions. Several villas are built to attract more tourists.

 Transportation from Naples to Amalfi Coast

Naples to Amalfi CoastCar

One of easy ways to visit Amalfi Coast is by car. Street and road in Italy is highly good with less depraved part. You will enjoy this journey alongside friends or family. Using car may take less than two hours. Before taking journey from Naples to Amalfi coast, you need to check weather, road, and traffic condition. For your information, both areas are in coastal line. Naples and Amalfi are influenced by Mediterranean weather. The road will go side by side with costal. The road and directions are available in online map. You do not have to worry about such things. As mentioned above, Amalfi Coast is the popular tourist attraction.


Other transportation from Naples to Amalfi coast is train. Actually, there is no direct train to connect both places. You need to take train from Naples to Vietri sul Matre. People consider this station as gateway to reach Amalfi coast. Other stations are Sorrento and Salerno. Since the station is no direct line, the last journey will take ship or bus to reach your intended destination, the Amalfi coast.

Local train called Circumvesuviana is available to carry passenger from Naples to Salerno. The train is slow with several stops. It takes one hours to reach Salerno. You do not have to worry about schedule because the train is available every two or three hours. The benefit of this train is good scene alongside journey. You just relax and enjoy attractive scenery in every side of journey.

If this local train is too slow, Alta Velocita is preferable. AV is faster and available in ten times a day in weekend. You can get Naples to Amalfi coast via Salermo in less than hours. The train takes up to thirty minutes. Besides faster, Alta Velocita is comfortable train with café for passengers. The class is divided into the first and second one.


Using plane is the simplest and fastest way to reach Amalfi from Naples. You will visit Naples airport then take direct plane to this coast. The plane is small and available any time. Many tourists take this option to prevent wasting time.


Amalfi coast consists of many beautiful destinations. Main attraction is beach or coastal line with Mediterranean weather. Another area is small village, villa, and church. From Naples to Amalfi coast, you may consider ship. You can enjoy beautiful sea during journey. Naples is the city with port; so many ships are available to carry passengers. Train and cars are available to enjoy the land tourism. On the other side, ship is transportation to enjoy sea or water journey.