Lost Coast Trail Map and Guides with Downloadable Map

If you are looking for the hiking guide on Lost Coast, you can use the following Lost Coast trail map. The map contains information related to the hiking route. The route on this hiking spot is mostly popular among backpackers. This place is located on the Southern Homboldt Country. Since it is located on the mountainside of King Range, the atmosphere is pleasant and the view is stunning. The length of the hiking trail is up to 50 miles. Luckily, the trail is divided into three segments. Hikers can choose which trail they want to use. If you have enough stamina, you can do more than one hiking segments.

First Segment

Before you started, the first post will give you Lost Coast trail map. According to this map, the first segment starts from the Usal Beach, which is not far from West Port. This segment continues to the Needle Rock, which is located at Sinkyone Wilderness State Park. The length between those locations is about 22 miles away. Since you start from the beach, you will find that the trail is mostly in the shoreline. However, the trail continues into rocky path. The trail does not always in the shoreline. As you go along the path, the trail will gradually elevate. It continues to the foothills. From this spot, you will be able to overlook the countryside and the beach.

Second Segment

Lost Coast Trail MapThe second segment of Lost Coast trail map is the continuation from the first segment. It starts from Needle Rock. The destination of this segment is the Shelter Cove. The length of this trail is only 9 miles. Some beginner hikers skip the first segment and begin their hike from the second one. Being the shortest segment of the trip, it becomes the popular hiking trails. The best part about this trail is when you reach the midpoint. This point is located on the Chemise Mountain. You can enjoy magnificent view from the surrounding area from this place.

Third Segment

As you can see on the Lost Coast trail map, the third segment of this hiking trail is not exactly the continuation from the second segment. You need to go to Black Sand Beach to start the hike. At the end of the trail, you will reach Mattole Beach. This beach is adjacent to Mattole River. The distance between those points is approximately 25 miles away. This segment gains popularity since the path is mostly located on the shoreline. One thing that you should keep in mind when choosing this path is not to do the hike during the high tide.

As it goes with most hiking trails, you need to prepare sufficient amount of water before the hike begins. In this specific trail, you need to be aware of dangerous vegetation such as poison oak. The rattlesnake can also be found during your trip. Along with the Lost Coast trail map given from the first post, you will receive some guide about those precautions as well.