List of countries with the strongest passport in the world

    I love traveling to new countries and meet new people. Its every people’s wish to travel anywhere without being restricted with all the immigration documents. The question we need to answer first is “Is that possible?” The answer to that question is a ‘yes’ and also a ‘no’. Several countries in the world have stronger passport than other countries. It depends on how their government makes the regulation with other countries.

    This article will show you the countries with the strongest passport in the world. People from this country allowed to visit other countries without Visa.


    The first position is Germany. People from Germany famous with their backpackers around the world. You will meet German people almost anywhere in the world when you go traveling. That’s because they have a very strong passport that allows them to travel almost anywhere they want without the hassle of acquiring Visa. People with German passport currently allowed to visit 177 countries worldwide without Visa.


    Moving to the second spot is Swedeen. You are allowed to visit 176 countries without Visa. Only missing one country if you compare to German passport holder.

    Finland, France, Swiss, Spain, South Korea and England

    I put them together because they all have same numbers. Their passports holder are allowed to visit 175 countries wordwide.

    United States, Singapore, Denmark, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium and Norway

    They shared the same number of 174 countries available to visit without Visa.

    Sometimes I always ask myself why I often met people from that countries upon my traveling time. And things that I always believe that they must be rich and have the time to acquire all the immigration documents. Some people think twice before deciding to apply for Visa because they don’t have time for that. Not to mention the additional cost of acquiring Visa.

    For U.S citizen, if you are wondering which country you can travel without Visa you can check the complete list of countries here.