Our Complete Las Vegas Trip Reports, What to Do and Where to Stay

The first thing popped up on your mind when hearing Las Vegas is casino along with the entertainment venue it provides. If you have no idea of what other activities Las Vegas has to offer, here is the Las Vegas trip reports that will provide you with all information you need. You can use the report as reference on what to do or where to stay during your vacation. The report will be in chronological order to help you get prepared with all you need to do.

Day by Day of Las Vegas Trip Reports

First day

As a popular destination, Las Vegas is easy to access. You can go to this pace using several modes of transportation. If you come from other states or abroad, you need make sure that you use air transportation. The airport located in Las Vegas is McCarran International Airport. From this airport, you will be provided with numerous shuttle services and transportations to the best accommodation the city has to provide. Use the first day to select the suitable accommodation according to your budget. Take a rest during the night so that you are ready to enjoy the activity on the next day.

Second day

The Las Vegas trip reports continue on the second day. After having a good rest during the night, it is time for you to enjoy the entertainment facilities. Since you already in Las Vegas, your first destination should be the casino. Most casino open during the night. If you are lucky, you might be able to find casino that opens for 24 hours. If you are not into gambling, you still can go to casino to enjoy the atmosphere. Even though the chance of winning is tempting, you should not use your entire budget on the casino.

Third day

If the second day of visiting the casino is not enough for you, you can also visit other casino on the third days. Most Las Vegas trip reports suggest that you enjoy the entertainment venues provided by the city. Aside from gambling, there are performances as well. Magic shows, concerts, and other entertainment will make your trip to Las Vegas a memorable experience. This is the first reasons why you need to spare your money from the gambling. Some of the entertainment venues are charged.

Last day

After visiting casino for gambling and enjoying the entertainment it has to provide, you might feel tired on the last day. On the last day of Las Vegas trip reports, you are suggested to spend your time by taking a walk along the street. Hit the souvenir shops while you are at it. Most of your friends at home might expect you to bring something from Las Vegas. Several souvenirs are available in affordable price. You do not have to be worried on purchasing bunch of them.

Those are the Las Vegas trip reports. As mentioned before, the list is arranged chronologically. The places and activities on the list can be used as reference to help you enjoying the trip on Las Vegas.