Jay Peak Trail Map and Guides

All information about Jay Peak trail map and guides are available in this article. You can take advantage of all information provided as reference when you decided to go hiking on Jay Peak. Before you go for hiking, it is important to know the terrain you are going to deal with first. Why you need to have such information? The information can be used as guide on how you should be prepared. For instance, you are dealing with long trail. In this case, preparing sufficient amount of water is probably the best choice you can do. Alternatively, you can also planning for hiking route, as well as finding place where to rest.

The Jay Peak trail map will give you the information about the hiking terrain. The Jay Peak itself is located in the Northern part of Vermont. Visitors come to the site for two reasons. Some visitors decided to go for skiing from the peak. Meanwhile, the rests decided to go for hiking on the mountainside. Look on the map and see how the trails are designed for both of those purposes. Regardless your purposes, here is the detailed information that you can use as reference when you decided to visit Jay Peak.

Visiting Jay Peak for Skiing

jay peak trail map for skiingDuring the winter, Jay Peak is covered in snow. It makes a good place for skiing. Nevertheless, you probably want to go here right after fall when the snow is mild and the breeze is not too cold. The place itself is mostly known as ski resort. On the Jay Peak trail map, you can see that the trail for skiing is straight line. The place provides facility to help you getting up to the peak. After you reach the peak of this resort, you can use your ski equipment to ski down the mountain. If you do not have any, you can take advantage of ski equipment rental in the area close to the entrance. Finding the one that fit your size might be difficult. Therefore, it is highly recommended to bring your own ski equipment.

Visiting Jay Peak for Hiking

jay peak trail map for hikingCompared to the Jay Peak trail map for skiing, the trail map for hiking is not straight. It follows the terrain of the mountainside instead. The recommended time to visit Jay Peak for hiking is somewhere between spring and summer. During this period, the weather is friendly and good for hiking. Aside from enjoying nature beauty along the route, you can also seeing the view of Canada from it. The trail is categorized for beginner, intermediate, and experts. All of those trails are going out and back to where you started. There is a specific long trail that crosses with the ski trail. Since skiers are only visiting when the peak is snowing, you might not run into one.

According to the trail length on Jay Peak trail map, the average time you need to complete the trail for hiking is about three hours. However, the trail for skiing is probably taking short time since it is mostly straight and you have facility to help you.