All You Need to Know About International Driving Permit USA

When you are traveling abroad, some of you may want to rent several kinds of vehicle. Whether you will drive a motorcycle, a truck, or a car, it must be done legally. In this case, what you need is getting an international driving permit. You want this driving permit because by having it you can feel more freedom during your trip. If you have this plan in foreign country, firstly fulfill what you need by obtaining that driving permit. Generally, overseas traveler can secure this driving permit within 24 hours. This driver’s license will be valid for one year. Below will be explained more about all things you need to know regarding this driving permit.

International Driving Permit USA: From the Overview to the Procedure

  • What is international driving permit?

International driving permit USA called as IDP (International Driving Permit) is kind of documents that will allow you to drive motor vehicle legally while you are abroad. This international driving license is along with valid home driver’s license you have. This IDP acts as language translation from the driver’s license you already have. It means that it will not replace driver’s license issued by U.S you have. This license will feature your photograph, full name, as well as driver information which are relevant.

  • What are the requirements to apply?

In order to get an international driving permit, first you have to be not younger than eighteen years old. You must carry both driver’s license and IDP you have when you want to drive abroad. You must also obtain this driving permit in the country which issued your license for driving. After you get this IDP, it will be valid until one year after it has been issued. Since you are not allowed to renew this IDP, when it is necessary you are allowed to apply new permit.

  • How do you apply an IDP?

For United States of America’s citizens, you need to apply for this international driving permit USA with either AATA (American Automobile Touring Alliance) or AAA (American Automobile Association). The outline of those application requirements can be found thoroughly on the forms. The basic instruction for this application, first, you must complete the appropriate application of IDP whether it is AAA or AATA application. After that, you should present driver’s license issued by U.S that you have. Next, you will produce or mail 2 photos in passport size with sign in the back part. Then, you make applicable payment and submit the application correctly.

  • How do you avoid IDP fraud?

For your information, there are also many organizations out there that sell fake IDPs. Unfortunately, they mostly charge more than regular fee. If you fall to this scam, you will lose your money and also get the fake document that cannot be used to drive when travelling to foreign country. You have to remember that only AAA and AATA as organizations that have been approved to issue international driving permit USA. If you found this fraud, you can report it using Complaint Assistant of FTC.