Our Top Picks of Famous Landmarks in Spain

Spain is developed country in Europe with long historical and cultural background. Spain is regarded with many famous landmarks in Spain. There are museum, park, palace, cathedral, church, and sport center. Spain plays important role in Europe history and the world. English might be international language, but Spanish is the most spoken language in the world. Most of countries in Latin America use this language. In the next section, top seven landmarks are listed below.

Top 7 Famous Landmarks in Spain

Famous Landmarks in SpainSagrada Familia

Spain has many cathedral and church. One of them is Sagrada familia which is famous as Gaudi’s work. For your information, this Church is still under construction. Antonio Gaudi was the most popular architect in Spain. He devoted to create many excellent landmarks, including Sagrada Familia. It was built since 1883.  Sagrada Familia is important in Spain history. Construction was interrupted due to civil war, but continued with private funding. Gothic style in modern view is what Sagrada Familia tries to perceive.

Royal Palace of Madrid

Spain is country with king as supreme leader. Royal Palace of Madrid is official palace for king, though hardly use for residential. This palace is part of Alcazar that’s built in Muslim era. In old time, Spain was under Moorish ruler which is the Muslim influence. Royal Palace of Madrid is definitely one of famous landmarks in Spain that should be visited when you go to Spain.


Moorish kingdom ruled Spain in Andalusia. It took over old Roman fortification then expanded to be big fortress. It was in 13th century. This area was ready to Moorish. You should visit Alhambra to see magnificent fortress from ancient time. Of course, Alhambra belongs to famous landmarks in Spain.

Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba

Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba is the top tourist attraction in Spain. It was built in old temple to be mosque. After that, catholic changed into cathedral. Interesting part about this building is about the design and architecture. The ornaments are the meeting point between east and west.

Museo del Prado

Museum is one of famous landmarks in Spain. Well, Museo del Prado is your choice at all. Building was from 12th. The collections are painting, printed art, sculpture, and many historical artifacts. This is national museum in Spain, which consists thousands of collections.

Park Guell

Park Güell is popular park in Barcelona. It was built in around 1900 and opened for public in 1926. Antoni Gaudi was architect for this park with new modern element. Until now, he is known as modern face of Catalan. The park is part of world heritage from UNESCO. Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain and you should explore it more.

Camp Nou

Football is popular sport in Spain and la Liga is considered as the best competition in the world. After winning World Cup and Euro, Spain becomes country with the strongest and most skillful players in football. Two clubs are placed on the top. There are Barcelona and Real Madrid. For Barcelona, Camp Nou is home stadium with many interesting areas. It is more than field or stadium to play. Tourists can also enjoy many facilities, including souvenir areas. This is one of famous landmarks in Spain that cannot be ignored, especially for football lover.