Crested Butte Trail Map and Guides – Downloadable Map

In this article, you will find information about Crested Butte trail map and its guides. The information will cover the difficulty of hiking trail, the best time you should come, and the best time to visit Crested Butte. This resort is located on the Colorado Rockies. To be exact, the place is in the heart of Elk Mountain. It has several trails for hiking in different range of difficulties. Some facilities are provided to help hikers who visit the place.


Crested Butte Trail MapWhen you look at the following Crested Butte trail map, you can see that the resort is actually a wide area. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that it is packed with hiking trails. The trails are divided into four categories depending on its difficulty level. Those categories are easy, moderate, strenuous, and very strenuous. If it is the first time you visit Crested Butte, you should go for easy one. For those of you who are consider hiking as hobby, the moderate one is probably the best for you. Meanwhile, if you dedicated your life for hiking the strenuous and very strenuous trail will challenge your stamina. Those categories are not divided based on the length, but based on how difficult the trail to complete.


The weather is mostly nice all year. Depending on the time you visit Crested Butte, you might find the weather is rather extreme. The weather forecast information can be obtained from the first post of the hike. Aside from providing information related to the weather, they will also give you Crested Butte trail map as well, so you will not get lost. Make sure you bring GPS during your way through the trail. Keep the emergency contact close to you just in case the weather gets unexpected and you are trapped. If the weather forecast mentions that the weather is not recommended for hiking, you will not get permission to continue the hike.

The best time to come

Having the Crested Butte trail map alone is not enough to do the preparation. You also need to prepare the date to visit as well. Late May is the best time for short hiking. If you want to enjoy the blossoming flower alongside the trail, you can visit this hiking site during the summer. Do not come to the place during monsoon season. During this season, the hiking site is often struck by thunderstorms. Since most of the trails are exposed, hiking during this season will be dangerous activity. The same situation goes for the heavy rainfall.

You can visit the hiking site from any town nearby. The closest town can be accessed through the main road. Before you start your hiking, you probably want to choose accommodation for preparation. From the accommodation, you can regroup and prepare everything you need. The accommodations are mostly in form of hotel. The Crested Butte trail map will tell you the location where you can find the accommodation. Those hotels might not be fancy, but they are better than most standard lodgings for hikers.