Breakneck Ridge Trail Map and Guide

Everything you need to know about Breakneck Ridge trail map and the hiking guide in Breakneck Ridge shall be given in this article. This hiking site is part of Hudson Highland State Park. The place is well known for two things. Aside from its beautiful landscape scenery, it also has several hiking trails. In order to get into the place, you can access it by using train. It takes 15 minutes for train to access the place. The green Hudson Metro North Line is the train going to the place. If you bring your personal car, you can go to the FDR Drive and drive to North. Access George Washington Bridge from exit 24 and then Palisades Interstate from exit 47.

Hiking Route on Breakneck Trail Map

Breakneck Bypass Loop

As you can see from the Breakneck Ridge trail map, you can see that this hiking route is going back to the original starting point. On the map, the route does short. Most of the hiking routes are twice longer than this one. This hiking route is popular due to the short length. For the same reason, it is highly recommended for beginners as well. The trail does not have difficult terrain. There is marker left on giant boulder to guide you and other hikers to the right trail. If you complete the route, it will take approximately three hours.

Breakneck Ridge to Sunset Point

Breakneck Ridge Trail MapThe hiking route from Breakneck Ridge to Sunset Point is not for beginner. From the following Breakneck trail map, you can see that it goes up to the higher point. The elevation gained during the hiking is over 2100 feet. It takes about 5 hours to complete the hiking route. Since the distance of this trail is up to 6.1 miles, it is recommended for intermediate hikers. On the Sunset Point, you will get access to several wooden platforms. From the platforms, you can see the amazing scenery.

Breakneck Ridge to Mount Beacon Fire Tower

If you considered hiking as your hobby, then Breakneck Ridge to Mount Beacon Fire Tower is the best option that you can choose. The hiking route is highly recommended for experts. The distance you need to take to complete the trail is up to 8.3 miles. It means that you will need to take six and half hours to complete it. As you can see from the Breakneck Ridge trail map, the route is slightly farther than previous route. Prepare your stamina before you go, as the trail is long and challenging.

Those routes are famous trail on Breakneck Ridge. Aside from those trees, there is also route from Breakneck Ridge to Mount Taurus. This one is only recommended for expert hikers since it will take six hours to complete. As mentioned on the following Breakneck Ridge trail map, the route goes for 7.1 miles. For some hikers, the terrain on the trail is not friendly. Only professional hikers are able to complete this challenging route. Aside from excellent stamina, you need to prepare everything before starting the hiking.