Best Things to Do in Sea Colony Bethany Beach

Coming to the beach is the best thing you can do during the summer. The Sea Colony Bethany Beach is a popular beach resort that you can visit during the summer. As the name suggest, this resort is located in Bethany Beach, Delaware. Since the place is also not far from Ocean City of Maryland, you can come to the resort from there as well. Nevertheless, the resort is completely accessible from anywhere. Here is the list of things to do that you can expect from this beach resort.

Nevertheless, the resort is completely accessible from anywhere. Here is the list of some activities you can do at this beach resort.

Things to Do at Sea Colony Bethany Beach

Having Fun with Family at the Spacious beach

The spacious beach of this resort is home for entertainments. You can participate at the contests, beach games, and bonfire during the weekends. Aside from those activities, the beach also has half mile of private area. This private beach is guarded to make sure you can do any beach activity conveniently. Not far from the beachfront, there is also aquatic center that you can visit as well. If you come to the beach area, you can do more than just sunbathing and enjoying the waves.

Do some excercise in Fitness centers

sea colony fitness centerPeople come to Sea Colony Bethany Beach for many reasons. Exercising in the fitness center is one of those reasons. The fitness center of this resort is already packed with complete fitness equipment. Since the visitors overwhelmed the place almost all the time, the fitness center is recently renovated and expanded. This expansion is not only limited to the fitness center area, but also the facilities inside it. Up to 11 swimming pools are provided for adults. Two of them are indoor swimming pools. Six other swimming pools are intended for the kids.

Play Tennis with Friends

If you like to play tennis with your friend, the tennis courts on Sea Colony Bethany Beach is a good place to start a match. The resort provides no less than 34 tennis courts. Six of them are indoor tennis courts. Locker room facility is provided along with the tennis courts. The same facility can be found on the swimming pool and fitness center area. The tennis courts feature professional instructors that will assists your tennis activity.


sea colony bethany beach accomodationsFor those who come from other states to enjoy the beachfront of Delaware, you probably need accommodations during your stay. The Sea Colony Bethany Beach provides up to nine accommodations in form of apartment tower, condominium, and beachfront accommodation. Those accommodations are called as Brandywine House, Annapolis House, Dover House, Chesapeake House, Farragut House, Edgewater House, and Georgetown House. Each accommodation has their respective top quality features. Some of those accommodations are well known for the private beach. Meanwhile the rests are providing ocean pools, relaxation features such as sauna, or any others.

This beach resort is highly recommended for family activity. You can also reserve the facility provided by the resort for community activity as well. The Sea Colony Bethany Beach also provides professional services to complete its excellent facilities. Those facilities are the reasons why people often visit the resort.