5 Top Places for The Best Summer Vacations In US

Summer is definitely the best time for vacation. If you are looking for the best summer vacations in US, some places below are the best recommendation for your must-visit list. Many cities in the United States change their appearance in the summer. In the winter or fall, they may look like a quiet and ordinary city but in the summer, the city comes alive. Here are some places in the United States which are very interesting to visit during summer.

Best Summer Vacations In US For Your Family


Chicago has an unpleasant weather during fall and winter but in the summer, the people, the weather, and the ambiance make it one of the best summer vacations in US. You will find people playing volleyball in the lakeshore beaches, delicious restaurants, and fireworks party on the Navy Pier.


It is not located on the mainland by the way, but everyone will agree that spending the summer in Honolulu and other cities in Hawaii is the best summer vacations in US. The place ranked first in the polling of the best summer vacation for family held by the US news travel. In Honolulu, you will see a beautiful combination of the luxurious big city and the stunning scenery of nature. It is also the place for study because there are many cultural and historical sites on the island. Near the capital city, there is a place called Waikiki. You will find many big resorts and hotels which are lined up next to a beautiful white sand beach.


Yellowstone national park is a very famous place in the US. Containing beautiful lakes and dramatic peaks, it is a paradise especially for those who love the outdoor life. Verdant forest, multicolored pools, hot spring, and geysers are just some attractions that you will find in Yellowstone. Tracking through the national park is the best way to feel the extraordinary experience of this place. Mountains, waterfalls, canyons, and geysers form a beautiful cluster in a 3,000 square-miles area. You will also find the local inhabitants like elk, buffalo, or sometimes grizzlies. This place is definitely the best summer vacations in US and it is visited by more than three million visitors per year.

Lake Tahoe

The scenery of Lake Tahoe in the summer is very incredible. It has been named as the most beautiful water place in the US. The scenery along the road to the lake is also beautiful. The visitors will be pampered with the scenery of granite cliff sides and mountaintops. Not only the lake alone, in Lake Tahoe you can also go down the walking trails, trying the mountain gondola rides, shopping, and having dinner in a beautiful resort.

San Diego

Like Chicago, San Diego is also a popular city to be visited during summer. It has 70 miles of coastline that draw people to come here every year. It has to be the best summer vacations in US if you love to spend your time relaxing at a cottage near the beach.