The Best Neighborhood to Stay In Paris When Traveling

Paris is the most visited city in the world. Eiffel tower is what people want to see when reaching this city. Finding good area to stay is important to enjoy journey. The best neighborhood to stay in Paris is recommended. Why is this matter important?  Paris is capital city with millions of people live, work, and do many things. Besides local Parisian, some immigrants and foreigners live around Paris. Capital city has two sides of coin of life. There are places with not friendly for stay, especially for tourists. On contrary, Paris is very supportive to travelers. As long as you pick the right place, unwanted event can be avoided. You do not want this event ruin your holiday in beautiful city of Paris.

Recommended and the Best Neighborhood to Stay in Paris

Best Neighborhood to Stay In Paris1st Arrondissement

Paris consists of twenty districts which are called arrondissement. Each of them has unique area and traveler may stay in one of them. One of best neighborhood to stay in Paris is 1st arrondissement. It is a place with several tourist attractions such as Pont des Art, Place de Vendome, and the Tuileries. You still get view from Eiffel tower. The price is slightly moderate, so it is very suitable for young travelers.

6th Arrondissement

Every city in the world has specified neighborhood as iconic area. Paris is popular one with many landmarks, but 6th Arrondissement is iconic area to stay. It is also called saint Germaine located left bank of river. Several attractions are available in this area, including graffiti painted area. You will feel like living in 18th century when classical music still lived in this city. One of popular football teams from Paris comes in this area.

5th Arrondissement

This area is also called Latin Quarter. Many buildings come from old era with high ceiling and pillars. You also see students because universities and schools are in this area. Of course, student go to prominent schools whether university or high school. If you want to enjoy living around young people, Latin Quarter is definitely preferable. It also has market, hotels, and boutique. Enjoy your time in 5th Arrondissement. It is the best neighborhood to stay in Paris.

3rd Arrondissement

You will find luxury neighborhood with expensive boutique and advanced building. This area can be found in third Arrondissement. It is area with excellent restaurant and international level of cuisine. Tourists enjoy third Arrondissement due to some views.

16th Arrondissement

Everyone knows Eiffel Tower. This is the top place in tourist destination in Paris located in 16th Arrondissement. You are able to stay in this neighborhood to enjoy tower closely. However, the price is expensive due to the main city. Besides Eiffel Tower, several attractions are available in this neighborhood. It is definitely the best neighborhood to stay in Paris.

Each of neighborhoods in Paris has different atmosphere. Tourists are recommended to stay in area with many attractions. Some areas are popular in movie that represents Paris living condition. Those names above are good reference to enjoy Paris ultimately. Therefore, the best neighborhood to stay in Paris will make your holiday feel more joyful.