Our Top Pick of the Best California Road Trip Ideas

California has its own uniqueness that attracts many visitors to the city. A road trip is better if you want to visit many places but only have a limited budget. Here some California road trip ideas which will guide you to so many beautiful places. The places offer beautiful views, interesting activities, and will not cost you too much.

Fun and Cheap California Road Trip Ideas

Palm Spring

Many people think that the Palm Spring just contains resorts for the rich. However, there are also some cheap hotels that offer a comfortable place to stay at affordable prices. Starting from $80 per night, you can get a full-sized bed, shower, and a flat-screen TV. Add three dollars more to the price and you can get heated pool or Jacuzzi with mountain views. Many golf places and restaurants also offer special prices during summer. The golf courses are not only open during the day but it also available in the night. Experiencing night golf in the summer will be the coolest California road trip ideas.

San Luis Obispo

It is often called SLO. The place is famous for the coast, the mountains, and the wine and beer. The combination of those three kinds of stuff makes San Luis Obispo visited by many people every year. The food and hotels there are also quite cheap. By paying $109 per night, you will get a luxury room with a large bed and a fireplace. For the food, a special lunch in SLO only cost $9. There are many events there which make the price of wine and beers very cheap. When the place held a baseball game, you will get beers with just one dollar every time the home team scores. For nature lovers, hiking the Valencia Peak is the best California road trip ideas. You can get very beautiful scenery of the ocean while enjoying the beers.

Santa Cruz

This place is very famous as the surfers’ paradise. Do not worry if you cannot surf because there still many things to see, eat, and enjoy. This place has to be included in the list of must visit places in California road trip ideas. Due to its fame, staying in Santa Cruz can be costly but if you are clever, you can find a hotel with the price starting at $110 per night. If it is still too pricey for you, you can stay in campgrounds that are available nearby. There are many things you can do in Santa Cruz. Surfing, shopping, playing beach volleyball, and having party on the beach will be very fun especially if you are doing it with your friends.

Point Reyes

Point Reyes is perfect for an outdoor trip. However, if you want an indoor sleeping, you can rent a cottage by paying $129 per night. The cottage includes mini kitchen, private decks, and some outdoor activities like tennis, swimming, hot tubing, and horseshoes. Your California road trip ideas will be perfect if you also visit the lighthouse which becomes the landmark of the area.