6 Best Places to Eat in Georgetown, Washington DC

If you are traveling around Georgetown, Washington DC and are looking for the best places to eat in Georgetown, then you are at the right place. In this article, I will show you my top pick of 10 best places to eat like a boss in Georgetown without worrying about the price.

No matter if you are currently traveling and having a good time in Georgetown, there's always a chance for new things. Most people tend to go back to their favorite place when it comes to eating habits. However, I am here to change that habit by showing you 10 best place to eat in Georgetown you can't resist but to try it.

Making this list is not an easy task because I need to make sure it covers everything. There are various type of food you can try in Georgetown while you are around. American food, Italian food, Seafood, Vegan, etc.

Please note that I am not getting paid for listing all places to eat below. This article was made based on an in-depth research, reviews, and popularity for each place.

Ok, Let's start this amazing list.

1. Blacksalt Restaurant


4883 MacArthur Blvd, NW

Phone number (202) 342-9101

blacksalt restaurant in georgetown

First in our list is Blacksalt Restaurant. If you are looking for a great quality of seafood, then this restaurant is a must for you. This restaurant located near the fish market. It feels like when you walk to the restaurant, you are greeted with the fish market, fresh fish everywhere.

The place itself is nice, cozy and very well decorated. After you place your order, there will be that time when you need to wait until the waitress come with your order. You won't get bored easily here because of how they setup the interior for best experience for each customer.

If you don't know about this, Blacksalt Restaurant offer a happy hour. It occurs daily and you can have a special $1 oysters and also other seafood choice.

As far I can say, all of their food there cooked to perfection. Not to highlight their drinks. The rose cocktails is absolutely everyone's favorite.

2. Clyde's of Georgetown


3236 M St NW
Washington, DC 20007

Phone number (202) 333-9180

's of Georgetown palce to eat

Moving to the second place, we have Clyde's of Georgetown as one of our favorite place to eat in Georgetown. A lot of couples choose this place as their place to eat lunch.

Best time to visit this restaurant is at lunch. As far as I can say, their price for lunch menu is reasonable. You can choose various choice here for your lunch. The Long Island Duck, Grass-fed Burger, Flavorful juice, tasty chicken, or the Octopus with house made seaweed salad. Somehow, their chicken is very delicious. You should try one when you are there.

The atmosphere is great and funky. I love how they decorate their place. Making me eat in peace because it is very clean. The service was also good because all of the staffs were so friendly, charming, and accommodating.

If you happen to have a trip in Georgetown, consider this restaurant as the way to go for you place to eat in Georgetown.

3. Founding Farmers DC


1924 Pennsylvania Ave NW

Washington, DC 20006

Phone number (202) 822-8783

Founding Farmers DC in georgetown

I called it green eats heaven. Founding farmers is the original restaurant in the Farmers group. A well acknowledged restaurant in DC area. What we love so much about this restaurant is because it offers a unique concept.

The concept is 'farm to table'. You can expect to have a 'fresh' bite here. The interior of this restaurant overall is great. It is pretty tricky to get a seat in this restaurant. Starting from 9 AM, this restaurant already buzzing with activity. Our suggestion, come early or make a reservation to get your seat.

The food here are famous for its freshness and delicious taste. It is really a heaven if you love eating organic food. Their pancakes is truly delicious and fluffy. Make sure you try their devil-ish eggs and fried chicken salad.

If you're traveling to Georgetown, this place is definitely a place you should check out.

4. iL Canale


1065 21st St NW

Washington, DC 20007

Phone number (202) 337-4444

iL canale italian restaurant in georgetown

Are you a fan of Italian foods? Then you should go visit this place after spending your entire day walking around DC. Italian restaurant always offer a romantic feeling, don't be surprised if you noticed couples on dates in this restaurant.

The place is crowded, yes this place is very popular. People love the cozy and romantic feel of the restaurant and of course love the foods. You can start by ordering bread with seasoned olive oil and then order the margarita pizza and gnocchi.

They have various menu available for you to choose. Most people come here after work for dine. If you are in Georgetown just for a nice short trip, then you don't have to worry about the waiting time. The staffs are very friendly.

If you are in a dietary restriction, talk to their staffs and they will come out with a very good suggestion of food for you. You might want to try something new and see if it fits your taste.

Overall this place is our #1 recommendation when it comes to the best Italian food restaurant in Georgetown.

5. Chaia


3207 Grace St NW

Washington, DC 20007

Phone number (202) 333-5222

Chaia restaurant in georgetown

#1 best place to eat in Georgetown for vegans. Unlike other restaurant where the foos is prepared in the kitchen, in Chaia they prepared the food in front of you. The feels in this area is great, their interior decorating is adorable and trendy. You won't get bored easily here.

They have a wide range of menu available to choose. The most popular menu is their Taco. Somehow, they manage to make their tacos delicious and creative looking. You can try the roasted beets too or cabbage, buttrnut squash, potato-kale and mushroom tacos.

For their service, this place is a walk up and order type of place. But don't worry, you don't have to wait on line for too long because it is never ridiculously long. Their staffs are friendly and very patient when helping you out when asking for food recommendations.

6. Simply Banh Mi


1624 Wisconsin Ave NW

Washington, DC 20007

Phone number (202) 333-5726

Simply Banh Mi in georgetown

If you ever travel to Southeast Asia, then one of your most recommended country ti visit is Vietnam. The culture, the people, and of course the food is great.

But for you who want a great Vietnam food experience in Georgetown, you should visit Simply Banh Mi. You will be glad after you eat in this little gem.

The place itself isn't too large or too small. And you don't have to wait too long for your orders. You can expect a delicious and healthy guilt-free food. As the name stand, you should try their Banh Mi.

Our other recommendations is to try their shrimp and chicken spring rolls, its so fresh. Or maybe Jalapeno peppers, basil, cilantro, and lime blend. It was amazed that you can find a lot of menu to choose on this 'not too big' restaurant.

Give it a try, this is a hidden gem in Georgetown.