This 6 Beautiful Hiking Trails with Waterfall Will Blow Your Mind

With hundreds of hiking trails in USA, only a few earned the reputation for amazing hiking trails. Every hiking trails have their own characteristics. Some hiking trails are suitable for all type of hikers (beginner, intermediate, and advance). On this article, I would like to mention my top picks of 10 beautiful hiking trails with waterfall in USA. For me personally, when choosing a good hiking trail, I would like to choose the best hiking trails with waterfall if there is any. Hiking trail with waterfalls is a lot more fun and rewarding rather than a normal hike.

Recently, hiking becomes one of the most popular activity for people. Especially those who live in a big city. After spent the whole week working in the office, they are seeking for an adventure during the weekend, including me. People in the big city like New York often spent their holiday in Upstate New York with activities like skiing, hiking, camping, etc. Not only in New York, but this happen almost in every big city in USA. This phenomenon was started a few years back and becoming more popular currently.

This is a no surprise for me, the city is becoming more air polluted and too much noise pollution. Escape to the nearest and quiet place at weekend is probably the right choice for you. If you like nature activity, then I would suggest you do hiking. There are a lot of hiking trails in the USA for you to choose. Depending on your location you might need to choose nearest hiking trails from your city. If you have enough time, you might want to consider hiking in other countries such as Brazil or Canada.

What makes the waterfalls so special?

I think it is because of the rumbling sound from the distance, your curiosity increased as you walk step by step to the waterfalls. Most of the waterfall can't be spotted from far away because the trees not allowing you to see it from distance. But when you spot it, you feel a sheer delight.

Fall Creek Trail

hiking trails with waterfalls

This is one of my favorite. The number of visitor to Fall Creek Falls increased over the past years. Showing a strong sign that this place earned a good reputation for its beauty and scenic view. If you don't it know yet, this Fall Creek State Park is the largest and most visited park in Tennessee. If you are looking for an amazing sight, this 26,000 acres state park is a perfect choice. This park is only one hour drive from Chattanooga.

Watch the video below to see how beautiful Fall Creek Falls as our first pick for the best hiking trails with waterfall in US.

256 ft is surely a big one for a waterfall. As the part of one hiking trails with waterfall in US, Fall Creek Falls not only offering its beautiful scenery but also a good hike. One of the most popular hike trails on this area is Woodland Trail. You start from the busy nature center into the quiet Fall Creek Falls. Be prepared because you will cross a few trickling creeks through your route.

Multnomah Falls Trail

multnomah falls

Multnomah Falls is big and one of the most popular hiking trails with waterfall in US. This waterfall is located in Oregon along the Columbia River Gorge. The location is not too far because it is only 30 minute from Portland. Most of Portland people often go to Multnomah waterfall to enjoy the view.

Multnomah Falls has 620 ft tall. It is taller compared to Fall Creek Falls (only 256 ft). Unlike the other waterfall, Multnomah Waterfall already has a bridge where you can enjoy the waterfall from two sides (front and back). This small bridge is the part of the trail on this park. To reach the waterfall you need to do a 1.2-mile hike. The trail is recommended for beginner to advanced hiker. Your journey starts from the visitor center to Benson Bridge.

Benson Bridge is a bridge built in 1914 and considered as a historic pedestrian bridge because it was built a long time ago. This bridge span the lower section of the waterfall so you can see the top and the bottom of the waterfall. The trail doesn't end there, you need to continue to the viewing area right at the top of the waterfall.

There is another 6-mile trail to Larch Mountain from there if you want to continue on your hikes. The view from Larch mountain is also amazing and there are additional waterfalls along the trail.

Yosemite's Bridalveil Fall Trail, Nevada Fall Trail, and Vernal Fall Trail

You will have a chance to see three waterfalls along this trail. Located in Yosemite, the Bridalveil Fall is 607 ft tall. You can expect an easy trail to see the first waterfall (Bridalveil Fall) because the road is already paved. The distance to this waterfall from the parking area is only a half mile.

Checkout the timelapse video of the three waterfalls below:

If you need more adventure, after passing Bridalveil Fall, you can continue your hikes by tackling Mist Trail. If you choose this trail, you will see the Vernal Fall and Nevada Fall. Make sure you are in a good condition, this trail start at 4,000 ft ASL with 1,000 ft vertical climbing dan 600 granite steps. Want to stand at the top of the Nevada Fall? Continue climbing for about 1.5 miles. Trust me, the view from above is worth all your energy, you will be amazed by the views of the waterfall and of course the view of the most famous Yosemite Valley.

Palomarin Trail with Alamere Falls

Alamere Falls trail

Alamere Falls is a dramatic 40 ft tall and considered as one of the rare tidal falls. This waterfall located at Point Reyes National Seashore, Marin Country, north of San Fransisco. Unlike the waterfalls I already mentioned above, Alamere Falls famous because the waterfall empties directly into the ocean. The hiking trail before reaching Alamere Falls is very friendly, suitable for beginner, intermediate, and expert hikers. The length of the hike will be about 7.5 miles. Since it is located near the ocean, you can camp at the Wildcat Beach near the waterfall.

Cummins Falls Trail

Cummins Falls

The Cummin Falls was a hidden paradise, only locals know about this place until recently people share their photos and picture of this waterfall on social media and it becomes viral. Back then in 2011, things changed for Cummins Falls from a hidden gem into public's favorite. Cummin Falls located in central Tennesse, to reach this place you need to drive for an hour and a half of west Nashville. Maintained by Tennesse Park and Greenway Foundation who purchased the land in 2011. Considered as the most scenic waterfall in the state.

For hiking trail, Cummins Falls has two trails. First is a one-mile long hiking trail and the second one is a 1.5 mile long. The trail is not suitable for children, so be advised before you take your children to the area. The hiking trails consist of uneven terrain, boulders, water crossings and a few obstacles.

Yosemite Falls Trail

Yosemite falls

The hike and the waterfall are astonishing. As the part of the Yosemite National Park in California, this hiking trail is highly recommended for anyone. Considered as the most iconic waterfalls in the country. This Yosemite Fall is the 5th highest waterfall in the world with 1,430 ft tall.

You can only access the lower fall by following a trail near the Yosemite Lodge. If you want to go to the top, choose the other trail with 7.2-mile long near camp 4. You need to do plenty of climbing before reaching the top by crossing the old oak woodlands. The best time to visit this hiking trail with the view of Yosemite Fall is in Spring. In dry seasons like August and September, the waterfall will disappear due to no water during the season.